Maple Season Volunteers Needed

Would you like to learn more about and gain experience making maple syrup?

Are you excited to learn more about how Maple Syrup is made? Local farm Land’s Sake is looking for volunteers to help with sap collection and the syrup bottling processes.

Sap collection happens in the afternoons between 2:00pm and 5:00pm. Sap flow and collection are weather dependent, they will send an email the day prior to ask for help during that time.

Bottling syrup happens at the end of the boil. When they start to boil an email will go out asking for volunteers to help during a 2 hour period of time in the afternoon or evening when they will be bottling.

All are welcome to join, Land’s Sake Members are given priority if space is limited.

Also Remember:

After a season of collecting and boiling- celebrate with the annual

Sugaring Off Festival
March 23rd, 9am – 12 pm
Bill McElwain Sugarhouse
next to the Weston Middle School.

In mid to late March, after the sap has stopped running clear and pure, Land’s Sake hosts the popular Sugaring Off festival. Participants enjoy the season’s maple syrup, pancakes, maple sugar candy, music and student-led tours of the Sugar House and maple sugar process. Please check the Land’s Sake event calendar for date, time, and additional details.

There are several ways to participate in the Maple Sugar operation:

If you are a school, scout and homeschool group, sign up for one of the educational tours of the maple sugar operation.

If you are a middle-school student, have fun and get paid by learning how to make maple syrup in the After School Maple Program!

If you are a homeowner and have 6-12 sturdy maple trees on your property that we may tap, please contact Land’s Sake to continue the tradition of sugar-making from your property.

If you are interested in purchasing our maple syrup, please contact the farm for prices and availability. Maple syrup is also sold from June through October while supplies last.

For more information about all the exciting winter programs,
including After School Maple and NEW Winter Discovery Vacation Program, contact Doug Cook at

Land’s Sake | 27 Crescent Street | Weston | MA | 02493


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