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Really, this is one of my favorite instructions to myself – right up there with “Breathe”, “Calm Down” and “Get Over Yourself” – things I say but not as often as one might hope. But I mean it, especially about the Big Girl Pants and sometimes you need help finding those pants. Luckily for me, my big girl pants, created by a chemical engineer from Brown University, were delivered last week. Really.

What are these magical Big Girl Pants? Well, they allow complete confidence when you are running, jumping rope or bouncing on a trampoline. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Then congrats to your pelvic floor and your steady regime of Kegels. Good for you!

Pregnant? These are terrific for those special moments when baby is dancing on your bladder.

Postpartum? A friend suggested that she could have used them in her first year after her baby was born- running was a challenge with those pelvic floor muscles not quite back yet.

Dear Kate was featured at Getting Gorgeous at Blogher and high performance panties was not on my radar – maybe because my feet hurt so much. Dear Kate kept in touch and offered to send me a sample and I do love samples! I agreed to share my experience although, no photos, please.

I love them. Pretty and equally comfortable under workout clothes and jeans, no VPL (Visible Panty Lines) and an extra layer of protection for when you might need it, just in case you forgot to work on that pelvic floor or something.

Dear Kate got its start as a project at Brown University and launched the Sexy Period line in 2011, followed by the Underbrella line in 2012. Drawing on her chemical engineering background, co-founder Julie Sygiel developed a patent-pending fabric technology that is absorbent, leak resistant, and stain proof. After two years of product development and hundreds of test panties, the revolutionary new underwear were revealed. Met with rave reviews, Julie decided to expand the brand to encompass a broader range of women’s solution-based undergarments, and thus Dear Kate was born.

Dear Kate is also extending a savings to you, yes, you. Check it out. You might want to order them, I have a Prenatal Dance DVD giveaway coming up and if you win one (there are three), you’ll want these. Really.

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I received no compensation for this post, just a nice pair of Dear Kates to review. Yes, Will work for underwear. All opinions are unabashedly my own.

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