Goody Bags!

This is one of the times of the year that I miss appointments, double book, and am overwhelmed. How is this different? Holidays may be over but there are school conferences, annual physicals and I’m still not sure what year it is. Really. I’m not.

So, what to do? Busy moms tend to put themselves last. What beauty treatments? What sleep? Somehow I always manage to find time to eat…but we’ll get into that later.

I am lucky enough to have great resources and sometimes I even use them properly. Go figure. My dermatologist, Krauss Dermatology, has a fantastic practice and a great blog that I check in with when I don’t quite know what to do but don’t think the problem warrants an office visit, well, at least just yet. I do not hesitate to seek medical advice, ever, and my dry winter skin is under control thanks to the recommended (and over-the-counter) Cerave lotion.

Research first and and confirm (and I know my health care professionals appreciate my curiosity even when they don’t agree with my self-diagnosis), with my doctor is my M.O. – just ask my very patient OB/GYN – nervous mom-to-be that I was, I used to mail him articles as an FYI. I know, right?

So Krauss Dermatology is the kind of practice you love to share with your friends – Excellent medical care, extremely professional and personable staff, and they’re philanthropic, too. Not only were they a donor for the annual Melanoma Foundation of New England Shades of Hope event this year but continue to donate to the Melanoma Foundation of New England for each Facebook like. Pretty nice.

Even nicer, they are giving away goody bags filled with sample sized products from their well-stocked sample cabinet (I know, I got to see it). There are three great goody bags so more chances to win! I also happen to know that they are running a special on CoolSculpting (FaceBook 50 is the code – let them know at the front desk to save $50 off your treatment)

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