This morning there were scones, gorgeous scones, from a recipe on smitten kitchen.

Then, after a morning hand washing sweaters and mending things (I know how to live, right?), another smitten kitchen recipe, chard and white bean stew, when I got distracted by the excellent poached egg tutorial and made poached eggs for lunch. Yum.

Back to the stew, I’m switching the chard out for a combination of greens and the recipe calls for hearty bread and a poached egg on top and, yes, that’s how I’ll serve it. More eggs, please!



2 comments on “It’s been a Smitten Kitchen Day”

  1. Sounds yummy. I’ll bet your kitchen smelled wonderful! I tried an oatmeal bake this AM from a column in RD called “You’ve got to try this recipe.” What a name! So convincing.
    It worked.

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