How to Keep It Together During the Holidays…or any time, really.

Between the holiday parties, school and work events and everything else you usually do, you have The Holidays. Some people try to keep it low key, but even if you aren’t hosting a cookie swap or putting on the school play or stringing lights you can see from space, it is a busy time of year.

Not sure what item on your to-do list to tackle next? Gift cards, teacher gifts, wrap presents, oh, wait, first you have to buy the presents…How can you enjoy the fun of the season without getting overwhelmed and still do everything you need to do? You can’t. Seriously, it’s impossible so don’t try.

Relax, I don’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself, I mean you can’t do everything …and that’s okay.

Heads up, people. Martha Stewart has a team of professionals to make her house look that way. Pinterest is not real life (although I would like to live there for a little while…)

Dial it down. Remember that it is about the people in your life, not a attaining the perfect picture in your head of what the holidays are supposed to be. I have 18 people coming here for lunch tomorrow, and am I stressed? No, (well, partially because it’s my family and half of them are kids), but also because I actually planned ahead for once. There will be the usual rushing around in the morning but if my mother doesn’t open the linen closets, it will be better for everyone involved. Really, don’t do it, Mom.

Taking care of yourself is challenging enough the rest of the year (never mind now)and in my reading (or distracted browsing online) I am drawn to places with tips on staying healthy, and I’ll share my favorites with you (because I’m a giver). I was sent a copy of the book BodyBack by Heather Porter, a British mother of four who shares tips on getting your body back. While I don’t love the tagline, Helping you feel like a woman again, (maybe helping you feel like a human again would be too dramatic), the book has some great tips about getting your postpartum body back in shape and caring for yourself. It is far reaching and has a lot of information packed into it and it is a pretty book.The best parts are the highlighted tips (all you may have time to read some days). My favorite Body Back tip : Combine socializing with exercise, go for a power walk with a girlfriend and chat your way around the park instead of over coffee. I do walk with friends every day and it is a wonderful way to stay healthy and connected – especially important when you are home with little ones.

Enter the contest below to win a copy of this book. This book is a bit like my favorite home keeping book (Home Comforts), I like reading about this stuff more than I like doing it.

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