Women’s Armour® Fleece Storm (Full Zip) Hoody Delivers

It is true that while I get things to review on occasion, books, food, more books…my family is not always impressed, (well, I like getting the books) but they are coming around. It started with getting boxes of Quinn Popcorn (deemed delicious by all) but it was the Under Armour Hoody in small (decidedly not my size …which I so could have chosen and maybe even considered) which I hung on a hook in the mudroom and waited for a response. Truthfully, the first response was from my husband who wanted to know whose jacket it was. Okay, second and more valid response (from a teen daughter), was that it was cool. She proceeded to put it on and wear it for the next two days until the tween noticed it and grabbed it before the teen left the house.

So goes the morning now.

“Mom, Have you seen the new hoody?” calls Teen Daughter who found the hoody first.

Tween shushes me and intent on co-opting the hoody, grabs it and heads out the door.

Women’s Armour® Fleece Storm Full Zip Hoody capability mom blog
Women’s Armour®
Fleece Storm Full Zip

I like this hoody, not because it’s cool, (though there is that) but because it keeps them warm and dry. The special outer fabric is soft and doesn’t feel like a raincoat at all but water beads off of it, kind of handy for these cold and rainy (and far too frequently occurring) New England days. It would be great for soccer (do they ever cancel for rain anymore?) or a run, but my teens are grabbing it as their go-to jacket in the morning, for now, anyway. I guess I can test the temperature rating as it gets colder. I’ll keep you posted.

Additionally, Under Armour has also generously offered to sponsor a giveaway of a new hoody from their line of terrific athletic wear and (again, so nice) they let me choose. I picked the Women’s Armour Fleece Divide Hoody. Stay tuned for the giveaway – maybe it will lighten your holiday shopping!

Women’s Armour® Fleece Divide Hoody


6 comments on “Under Armour Really Delivers”

    • I’ve heard from my friends who have boys that it is the only brand of clothing they want – I’m talking tweens and teens – so maybe buy stock in the company now!

  1. Hi! Please keep me posted on this giveaway. How did UA come to love you? I’d love for them to notice me.
    I’m here b/c I needed your URL b/c I’m talkin’ about YOU (or, well, mentioning you) on my blog.
    Sorry you couldn’t make it Tuesday; I was looking forward to catching up! When will our paths cross next? Could be a Sparklecorn party or a building products demo…I just never know, but if you were my neighbor I’d want to hang out all the time b/c I think you’re really funny and great! [Introvert who just had an extroverted moment exits stage left.]

    • Would love to hang out – under armour sent me an email – and offered – go figure! Will do giveaway in a few days…extrovert moment acknowledged and made a smoothie tonight in my food processor – blender is on the fritz and i haven’t figured out how to fix it yet…and smoothie leaked everywhere. Very jealous of your smoothie maker!

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