Eviction Notice, Robyn Wyrick by capability momA Review of Eviction Notice, by Robyn Wyrick

While I don’t get paid to read, I do get asked to review books (free books!) and a chance to break out of my usual reading mode and it’s good for me to shake things up. For example, my children encouraged me to read The Hunger Games trilogy and now I am also a fan – even of dystopian fiction.

Eviction Notice is not dystopian fiction but a mash up of sci-fi, love, friendship, crop circles, teens, large space ships and ensuing battles, aliens, magic and reconciliation in a tremendously engaging story – I read it straight through (and had to wrest it out of one teen’s hands) over Thanksgiving break.

The book opens with an alien attack over fields in central Iowa and our narrator (Sarah Jones, a senior in high school) is dead by page six. Not an auspicious beginning I know, but hang in there.

The first chapter reads like the opening shot of a great action movie and it is no surprise that the author is also a screenwriter and is working on the screenplay now. Mr. Wyrick wrote with Amy Adams in mind for the role of the main character but I think Jennifer Lawrence might be a good choice, too.

In a flashback, you meet the main characters in rapid succession:  Alice Able, (her attempt to take her own life is interrupted by, of all things, aliens), Johnny (town Sheriff and overall good guy and former flame of Alice), Sarah Jones and friends (who pulled the prank of making a crop circle that called on the attack) and a motley but interesting group of aliens who have various roles in the planned removal of all life forms (it involves more paperwork than you might think).

A great read from start to finish, this book is a pleasurable escape into an alternate reality. Funny, insightful and smart, I wanted to follow the characters into their next adventure and given the ending, I may just see some of them again soon.

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Robyn Wyrick

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