While my children passed this this reading stage a while ago, I do have nieces and nephews in this age group, and I couldn’t resist sharing another great book from Little Pickle Press, BIG. Little kids want to be BIG (usually faster than we want them to be BIG, but in this book you will be in agreement) and this is a lovely way to share wonderful values in a easy to understand and understated way.

This charmingly illustrated, lovingly written book shares the concept of BIG (what is it, how do you get there) in a way that shares the real meaning of BIG (health, citizenship, and imagination and values over valuables) and resonates with people of all sizes. I like my holistic, healthy messages delivered in a non-preachy manner and this book sends the right message in a way that is honest, loving, unaffected, natural and accessible.

Written by the prolific and talented Coleen Paratore who knows the importance of believing in one’s self. “Find what it is you love to do – because that is your gift – and then find a way to share it.”

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Illustrated by the equally talented Clare Fennell, working in the mediums of collage, paint, and Photoshop, the happy, colorful pages engage one and all.

From the book: “Big is being the biggest you that you can be!”

You’ll love not only the BIG size, but that it’s printed on lovely, recycled paper with soy inks (because Little Pickle Press has BIG ideas about protecting the environment, too).

Want to find out more about BIG and Little Pickle Press? Here are some helpful links:

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There are wonderful free lesson plans from Little Pickle Press available – a terrific way to continue the conversation through activities.

Thank you to Little Pickle Press for a copy of the book, BIG. I received no compensation for this post and opinions, whether strident, screechy or enthusiastic and cheery, are ever my own.








12 comments on “BIG – Little Pickle Press Blog Tour”

  1. An excellent review of an excellent book. I like that you mentioned Little Pickle Press’ stance on protecting the environment. This is one the things that make it such a great company.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful post about BIG! I absolutely love this book! Thank you, also, for highlighting the environmentally friendly way it is produced!

  3. It is only fitting that Capability Mom would host the Grand Finale of our BIG Blog Book Tour. We’ve been pals since Little Pickle Press was, well, little. Now we are on our way to being BIG, in all the meanings of the word that Coleen Paratore explores in her newest title. Thanks for the lovely review of the book and for giving special mentions to the author, illustrator, and publisher. We appreciate you!

  4. This is such a great book and the message is timeless. The illustrations also really help to bring forth the themes. A great addition to any collection.

  5. As Mama to a four-year-old, I agree! They grow up much too quickly, but it’s never too soon to be BIG. :) Thanks for a great review!

  6. I must agree, I don’t like preachy children’s books, which is why BIG is really so remarkable. BIG takes such a simple concept and helps children grow their mind as BIG as possible and think of ways they can be far bigger than their size.

  7. We just got a copy of BIG today and love it! It’s so colorful. I love the poster too because,like the book, it encourages conversation! We’re looking forward to introducing, reading and talking about this book with our grandsons (preschool and first grade). Sometimes it is hard to be the smallest ones in the family but BIG clearly articulates how to be the biggest. Yes! Thank you for your review and references.

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