As you may have divined, chocolate is one of my favorite food groups, so when Edible Arrangements offered to send me a basket of fruit dipped in chocolate…I said YES!… I mean… yes, please. The arrangement was from their Confetti Fruit Cupcake collection and is so cute! My kids were thrilled with it (we had to wait until everyone was home from camp to get this) and not just the chocolate dipped fruit either, but the pretty display actually encouraged the consumption of fruit. Yay. Not that I can order an Edible Arrangement every day (or could I?) but it does remind me to present the fruit in an attractive way if I want to steer them away from less healthy choices.

The chocolate covered pineapple cupcakes are yummy (both white and semisweet chocolate) and have the perfect amount of chocolate to fruit ratio (yes, there is one) and the fruit is, as always, fresh and perfectly ripe and delicious.
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Edible Arrangements sent me this arrangement but opinions, as always, are my own.

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