Back to School is for Mom…Win a pair of Shoe or Boots from Naturalizer…

Don’t get me wrong, Back to School Shopping for the kids is fun but I kind of miss getting something new for me, too (I am so selfish that way).  So I started a new tradition, every fall I get a pair of new shoes to kick off the school year, because what says back to school better than new shoes? (Umm, the only answer is shoes…and number 2 pencils).

Now, it takes a special pair of shoes to pry me out of flip flops (summer footwear of choice). Once upon a time (okay, last winter), a not so sweet salesperson in small local store told me I would “get used to” the tight fit of a boot and that I had “ruined” my feet for nice footwear with my sneaker wearing ways (No surprise, I did not buy the boots or ever shop there again) but it turns out, I don’t have to sacrifice comfort for beauty! Good thing, too, because I would choose comfort every time now (in younger years I may have squeezed into too tight shoes once or twice or every year until I was 30…maybe I ruined my feet that way.

At Getting Gorgeous, the very kind people of Naturalizer had a mini shoe store where you could try on the new fall fashions. I tried on a pretty pump that I loved and a pair of flats that I couldn’t resist.  I couldn’t buy them then and here, but I made a mental note of my new fall shoe-to-be. On my way home from Blogher I got a tweet telling me I had won a pair of Naturalizer shoes! Woot! Not just for me but another pair to offer to a reader…maybe you?

So I got busy shopping, checked out all their shoes and scrolled through the site. I found great boots, ballet flats, pumps, and a casual shoe that would have been perfect for our recent family vacation in Asheville, North Carolina, Blogher ’12… heck, the whole summer! Favorite of all favorites – on sale, too! Great with shorts or skirts…a little more dressed up than my running sneakers – a lot smarter than wearing my flips all day. You’ll catch me in these most days and then I’ll be sporting my other new back to school shoes. Go ahead, enter to win! Winners will be contacted by email and posted on this page.

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  1. I remember Naturalizer from a few yeas ago. I thought that they were pretty bland back then. But now that I look through their online shop, I can’t stop finding really great shoes! some are to die for! you’re darn right i entered!

  2. Entered the Rafflecopter form as “Crave to Save”

    I love how well made their shoes are!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

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