I just spent a fruitful but somewhat tiring time shopping (it’s hot out). While I do like to try on clothes, sometimes it is too time consuming and you need online shopping time. It’s easy when you know the retailer or how the clothes run – men have it so easy – but don’t get me started!

Newport News is one online women’s clothing retailer that has a great price point and is on trend. I need a good price point to be trendy, heck, I need a good price point for classics, too!

Here is what I like best, you can shop by size – women’s sizes, tall and petite sizes and they have the “shop by problem area” thing figured out. Now, I haven’t ordered from them yet but they are bookmarked on my computer for easy access. I may need to give this shape wear thing a try. Maybe. Check it out under Shape FX – I’m not sharing my problem areas but if they had D. All of the above as an option, I might be all set.



I did receive compensation for this post from Newport News.

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  1. It is always great when we are able to find a good resource for the online shopping experience. Many people like to shop in the confines of their computer lab, especially if your not a people person like myself.

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