Free Chocolate and Fruit?

It is true, I have a very difficult job (sigh). Sometimes I read books that people send me, and then write about them. Taxing. Then occasionally people send me food (more specifically chocolate) and I have to (sigh, again) taste and write some more. Again, grueling, but I’m up for it. Okay, before you stop reading…mostly, I am driving children to endless camps, lessons, activities, making dinner, doing laundry, running errands, and slowly becoming a working mom…so don’t mind when I get a bit of free chocolate, please. Plus I can tell you how to get your own free chocolate. See, I do play well with others!

So – How can free chocolate (and fruit) be yours?

Free Fruit and Fun!

Over the next four Wednesdays, The folks at Edible Arrangements are running a fun promotion/scavenger hunt. Here is the scoop for this week –

Wednesday, August 15 from 11 A.M.- 1 P.M.

  •  ‘Summer Strawberry’ will be stopping by the easternmost portion of Massachusetts which is a huge New England tourist destination, especially during the summer months!
  • This town has the initials ‘SY’ and is located between West Yarmouth and Dennis Port.
  • The first traffic rotary in the United States is in this village at the intersection of River Street and Pleasant Street.
  • This village is home to the Red Sox, no not the Boston Red Sox, the Red Sox that play in the Cape Cod Baseball League.
  • ‘Summer Strawberry’ will be at the Edible Arrangements store located in a plaza near a popular pizza chain that shares its name with a classic game (if you get this answer, you’re spot on!) and songs by Van Morrison and most recently, Jessie J.

Did you decipher the clues? Good, then head over there on Wednesday from 11 to 1. Too far from home? Can’t leave the beach? Stuck in a carpool line or back to school shopping? Here are other ways to win some prizes:

  1. Leave a comment below with the address/store location where Summer Strawberry will be this week.
  2. Go to the store and take a picture of Summer Strawberry. Email it to for another entry.
  3. Go to the store, take your snap of Summer Strawberry. Follow @DoFruitNE on Twitter and tweet them the photo with the hashtag #ILoveFruit

Three ways to win – even one for those of you who can’t make it to the store. As a bonus, go to your local Edible Arrangements location between the hours of 11 – 1 pm and mention the Scavenger Hunt. You’ll get a box of dipped fruit!

You can have another chance at The Scavenger Hunt – it is happening over the next four weeks – so have fun! This particular contest is just for MA and Southern NH locations.




Edible Arrangements and its public relations agency will not retain any email addresses during this promotion, other than to notify winners of the prizes awarded.


I was not compensated for this post but I will be receiving an arrangement from Edible Arrangements much to the joy of my family.

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