Why Being  Blogher Newbie is a Good Thing

Not only a Blogher Newbie, but a blogging conference newbie (I have a feeling that this conference is so large that  it wouldn’t matter). I am very lucky to have landed in a group of generous, sharing bloggers in the Boston Parent Bloggers.  This incredibly supportive group is kind and helps with anything from favorite plug-ins to how to manage the behemoth* (the second definition) that is Blogher ’12 with their sage advice and kind, calming words.

I did spend a bit of time trying to find clothes that make me look like a slightly nicer version of my usual self (really, you should see how I go out to walk the dog). I tend to over-pack anyway, so imagine how I pack if I am trying to look nice. I am also traveling with neighbor and blogging friend, and consummate under-packer (it is a skill), Pragmatic Mom. It is actually primarily her fault that I even have a blog. Ask her, she will verify this.

I also chose this week to tweak my header image, tagline and title. Sure, good timing. I also played (mostly nicely) with plug-ins, and considered a new theme (wisely I am holding off). I also cleaned the house, co-hosted a party (actually we called it MINoBBot – Mothers In Need of a Bracing Beverage or Two), had two lovely house guests,  cleaned most of the house and, of course, the usual other stuff I do, including a lovely Blogger Luncheon at MGHfC (Mass General Hospital for Children). There I learned about the wonderful facility and staff ( fantastic, dedicated staff, knowledgeable and caring) and met a fellow Martha fan (who agreed to sit with me during Friday’s lunch – Martha is our Keynote Speaker)! ! The always fantastic Katie Couric is the Keynote Speaker for Saturday. We are so lucky to have such an incredible roster of speakers (I can’t even begin to name all the speakers for the break-out sessions) and, not to put him last, and with all due respect, President Obama is speaking via satellite on Thursday. Wow.

Do I sound overwhelmed? I am, a little. I love visiting NYC and the energy and inspiration I get from visiting this dynamic city. I have read the twitter streams, the facebook updates, the emails, the invitations, the non-invitations, the sponsor updates, read the blog posts and I have chosen my sessions although did not know you had to sign up for Geek Bar until it was booked up and am shut out. Oh, well. I will get my geek on, anyway, I always do.

fenway park, sharon schindler photography, capability mom blog
Photo credit: Sharon Schindler

I am excited to meet new people, connect with virtual friends in real life, learn as much as I can to continue to improve (in SEO, writing skills, blog design, making a media kit, (the list goes on), get inspired and share it all here.

For the next few days, instead of driving carpool and making lunches, I will step out of my normal routine and I will be at Blogher ’12 – tweeting, sharing on Facebook and hunching over my iPad with the cool stylus I found at Blik (a favorite art store) and connecting with a bunch of people who probably care more about my header saga than my family does (the glazed looks were the giveaway).

Conversation with teen child after I showed her the crayon/stylus. “Aren’t I cool?” I believe I asked, knowing I had a cool item in hand.

” Mom, you have cool things” was the response. Noted.

This is what I look like at a cool place. There will be more pics of me at another cool place- Blogher ’12!









*Behemoth be·he·moth/biˈhēməTH/ Noun:

1. A huge or monstrous creature.

2. Something enormous, esp. a big and powerful organization.

13 comments on “I am a Blogher Newbie”

  1. Wow, you had a busy week! Good thing you are capable!!!! And aren’t you so glad that I made you start a blog? We wouldn’t be having nearly so much fun without it! I needed you to have a blog so we could be blogging buddies and roommates at BlogHer! I’m am prescient that way! :)

    • So busy! Great that you browbeat me into starting a blog just so you would have a travel buddy – must be that five year planning thing you do. Glad to have experienced Blogher and looking forward to delving into the now not so mystifying Google plus.

  2. I bet it was a great time! I hope to meet up with you and Pragmatic Mom at one in the future. I am also looking forward to gleaning all I can from what you both learned by reading your blogs!!!

  3. I had a great time. The crowds were overwhelming at times. I learned a ton, and met some fab women. Next time I wiill find out aa few bloggers in advance to meet up with (went solo)

  4. Oh no, I missed you at BlogHer! I’m definitely interested in your take. I think I’m jaded, although I know I’m not the only one. I have my first post coming tomorrow, and I’m somewhat unhappy that I was able to attend NO sessions (thus, no session notes – although if you’re looking for G+, there was a great session I did a recap on for Type A in my archives) because they were overcrowded. Next year? It’s in my town, and I may not go. So interested to see how or if it fit your expectations!

  5. Hi Nancy,

    Lovely to meet you, if only in a cab departing BlogHer. Hope your trip back to Boston was uneventful. It was interesting to read about your BlogHer expectations. I’d been to BlogHer Food, but not regular BlogHer–frankly BlogHer seemed friendly to me despite the larger attendance.

    As I think I mentioned during our ride I have a food blog and a cookie cookbook coming out. Do stop by my site to check ’em out.

    Nancy (the “pioneer”!)

    • Nancy,
      So nice to meet you, too! Glad we shared a cab and got to chat. Our trip was fine – Hope yours was, too. I will definitely check out a cookie cookbook, especially yours!

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