capability mom has a caprese sandwich from russos for lunchOkay, it has only been a few days and the rain really cooled things off so I am being dramatic. That is nothing new, just saying. Now I just really don’t feel like cooking. Must be an overreaction to all the baking I did last week.

How do you keep cool? Think no cook meals to start. I love a nice caprese salad so I had it in a sandwich for lunch today and while it wasn’t perfect (too much crunch in the tomato and too many basil stems), it made me want to make a better one.

Caprese Salad

Tomatoes (nice ones, not crunchy)

Mozzarella cheese (fresh)

Basil – just the leaves, please

Cut tomatoes and cheese into slices and layer on a plate. Slice (or chiffonade if you must) the basil. Place artfully across tomato and cheese and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar or just balsamic. You can reduce your balsamic vinegar into a syrup or buy the expensive kind. Your call.

Salt and Pepper if desired.

Add prosciutto if you care to – it makes a pretty plate. Have a nice bread on hand, soft white rolls, a crusty baguette or a whole grain loaf would all go well with this. Doesn’t feel like enough? Add a big green salad and a plate of sliced meat and cheese. The deli counter is your friend.

What, your kids would never eat this? Try a making a side dish with plain mozzarella cheese and soft bread – they may even try the prosciutto.

Cut up some cucumbers and carrot sticks (try jicama – it’s white and may get the okay).

This would go nicely with

Cloudy Lemonade from Nigella Lawson


  • 4 cups chilled club soda or other carbonated water or cold tap water
  • 2 whole unwaxed lemons, cut into eighths
  • 1/4 cup superfine sugar, or to taste (make superfine sugar – put table sugar in the blender – it worked fine for me)
  • Ice cubes

-Put the water, lemons, and sugar into a blender in two batches, until the lemon it pureed.

-Strain the lemonade into a pitcher, pressing down into the sieve, and then pour into tumblers filled with ice.

Serves 4-6.

Excerpted from Nigella Fresh by Nigella Lawson. Copyright 2010 by Nigella Lawson. Published in the U.S. by Hyperion. All Rights Reserved.

Finish off your lunch with some fresh berries – with or without whipped cream. You can also toss some berries in the lemonade to make it pink.capability mom finds fresh local berries


7 comments on “Keeping Cool, Day 103…A light lunch”

  1. along the lines of my being the worst cook ever, i’m also terrible at making lemonade. the family prefers the kool aid version over mine, so will have to try yours. thanks so much!

  2. You put the lemon rinds in too – or did I miss something…

    Love all your other pro tips here too like chiffonade and reducing the vinegar. This is my kind of dinner! No kitchen mess too!

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