I have set a task for myself (something I usually am loathe to do) and this is a good one – it is to read and review all of the books I have received. While this sounds easy, the books can pile up (what with my other reading) and suddenly, I get behind.  I know, it doesn’t sound too grueling, does it? Spending my days lounging around lost in a book?  Am I in sweats and eating cookies, too? Maybe. Sounds remotely like my adolescence. Nice work if you can get it.

Here is a list of the books I have had the pleasure of reading. Simply click on the photo to order the book. More in depth write-ups to follow – when I get my stuff together or my nose out of a book, which ever comes first.

Making Babies: Stumbling into Motherhood, Anne Enright

Anne Enright, one of the most acclaimed novelists of her generation, wrote The Gathering which won the 2007 Man Booker Prize, her follow-up novel, The Forgotten Waltz, also received universal praise.

Wonderfully written, a joy, so wryly funny and entirely my type of book. An honest, incredibly funny and poignant take on Motherhood (yes, capitalized). I wish I had the presence of mind to take notes while I was postpartum or home with young ones but I was buried under the mountains of laundry and so, so tired and I probably wouldn’t have been as insightful or witty, either.


Patchwork of Me, Gregory Allen

Gregory Allen

You may have to clear the decks as you will be unable to put this well-written tale down (unless you skim ahead which I would never do…except this time I did, then went back and read it in order the way you are meant to) until you find out the deeply buried secret of your new best friend, Sara Butler, and how she pulls her life together.


Leftovers, Arthur Wooten

Vivian Lawson, a 1950s housewife with a life less than she expected (or deserved), pulls out of an emotional tailspin with the help of some very true friends, a tower of Tupperware, some hard work and new powers of persuasion she didn’t know she had. At one point our heroine screams, “Leftovers are never pretty!”  while wielding a large casserole dish over her head, but sometimes they really are.

Anything Is Possible, Thomas Bahler – Okay, I am cheating by adding this. I haven’t finished it yet. Will update this when I do.


The Truth About Us, Dalene Flannigan

A long held secret, a change of heart, and the three college friends, makes this a fast and furious read. The characters, Erica, Grace and Jude, are well-drawn and well-defined and while the secret that they keep is horrible and heart-wrenching, the characters never lose their humanity or appeal.

Ada, Legend of a Healer, R.A. McDonald

On my way to finish this now, I got distracted by a Julia Glass book that someone dropped off for me.

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