The start of most spam I get these days starts with “I won an iPad and you can, too” – Well, I won a gift certificate from and, no, you can’t win one, too. Well, not now, maybe next time. I filled out their Passover/Easter survey and I, who never win anything – wait, I say that but I did win that boxed set of Almaden wine in college (that was in…1983), and then there was a really long dry spell and I didn’t win anything until 2000 when I won a backpack from Whole Foods and then I won another backpack from REI last year …does this mean the universe wants me to hike?

My husband asked what my plans were for the money (see above) then I thought …maybe I should save it? Pay for some college or retirement? …and then I said, Nah…Let’s go shopping! I am going to spend some and save some (just like we are always instructing our children to do). Ahem.

So thank you, Interfaith Family (my go-to site for interfaith questions and great articles). I am either getting new outdoor chairs for the patio, tons of books or some super cute shoes…to hike in.

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  1. hey congrats! I vote for patio furniture…. I read your article about kosher/dairy preschool and enjoyed it alot! I write for IFF too, from the older, mom of big kids, know alot of Jewish stuff point of view…I wrote the Dictionary of Jewish Words with my writing partner for people like you –it defines all the holidays, foods, crazy words in easy to understand terms… and all the jokes were written by me! Hope you had a happy Passover (&Easter)

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