Last night, the women of A Step Up featured The Boston Medical Center’s Food Pantry & Demonstration Kitchen (the first in the country – now ten years old) which is connected to their Grow Clinic for Children, formed to treat Failure to Thrive (FTT) in young children. The programs that the BMC runs are so thoughtful and practical  – medical care, food and books- they also partner with Reach Out and Read each child gets a new book at each well visit and they have shelves of gently used books in almost every department for children to take home as well.  What a wonderful group of programs making a difference in so many people’s lives. Want to help? Great – Go here to the Virtual Food Drive page.

BMC’s Virtual Food Drive is a great way for schools and organizations to help the Preventive Food Pantry buy the food it desperately needs. For every $10.00 received, The Boston Medical Center Preventive Food Pantry can provide food for two families for a week.

If you would like to organize a food drive or donate food in person, please contact:

Latchman Hiralall
Food Pantry Manager

They can also use books – new or gently used – for children. Did you resolve to be more organized this year? Go through your book shelves and clean out the books (yes, keep your copy of your child’s favorite book – give the rest to the BMC).

Helping those in need: Teaching healthy cooking:

From the website:

At BMC, a doctor’s prescription might be for a bag of healthful groceries, and the hospital’s Food Pantry is the place to get it. More than 7,500 BMC patients and their family members use the pantry each month, obtaining culturally appropriate foods for diets that are nutritious and therapeutic. Studies done by BMC researchers have documented that food stamps alone cannot support the nutritional diet recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture. To supplement patients’ resources, BMC created the Food Pantry. Many patients lack access to supermarkets and would otherwise rely on the less nutritious fare found at corner stores and bodegas. The pantry relies totally on philanthropy, including food drives that help keep the shelves stocked. BMC patients can not only get healthful food but also learn to cook nutritious meals in the Demonstration Kitchen. Classes are offered in special areas like cardiac rehabilitation, weight reduction and diabetic diets.

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