Pizza Hut's National Young Readers WeekIt is nice to see creative types, even possible digital immigrants like me, adapting to new technology. I knew before I even touched an iPad that I would be smitten and it has not disappointed. I had the requisite Angry Birds obsession infatuation followed by late night sessions on ibooks and watching old movies. I think I am under control now but there is always room for backsliding.

With a new place to read I am devouring books even faster than usual. While books for my – ahem – age group are not interactive (maybe someday), the book apps for children are at a wonderful intersection of technology and craft, people who are incredibly talented writing lovely stories with kind intent and gentle lessons that always work best. I like Moms With Apps for a great place to find the newest and best apps by category and great articles like How to Engage Kids Beyond the App. I do check out apps for all ages – I have a slew of nieces and nephews, too, so it is for family research.

There are lovely apps everywhere, some more worthwhile than others, and in the case of Brave Rooney that is clearly true. Brave Rooney is a story of a regular boy in a superhero school who realizes that he has his own brand of super powers, and not of super strength, flying ability or the cape-wearing kind only. He is a regular boy placed among fellow students who are super heroes, but he can do something none of them can! He can read a poem in front of the school and none of the other kids can, even with their super powers. It is a gentle tale of how everyone has a special talent. Lovely. Here is a link to a terrific review by Common Sense Media (which is another resource). This book also got great reviews on Cool Mom Picks, Kirkus and the School Library Journal – See them here.

The book is written by three time Emmy winner (and judging by his emails, a super nice guy) Gerry Renert.  In honor of National Young Readers Day (in the middle of National Young Readers Week) on November 8 Рthis app costs only ninety-nine cents  for November 8 and 9). Usual cost is $2.99. A nice idea to support a nice day.

Go like Brave Rooney’s Facebook Page to be nice!

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