You may look at the number of times I post and think – slacker. You would be correct. I have definitely posted less as this blog ages and for good reason. I am aging, too, as in I am having the big birthday (oh -remember when you thought the big b-day was 21?  Nope, me neither). So what am I doing if not writing? Well, I am continuing to learn more about social media and blog universe and dragging some other 40-somethings with me. There is a nice piece in the Globe about technology and aging...The Age of the Digital Dinosaur by Beth Teitell and how to tell how old you are digitally.  Are you a ‘so-called digital immigrant’?  (a person who grew up before computers and devices dominated the culture)? I am.

From the article: But what’s a person to do? As Sherry Turkle, the author of “Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other,’’ and an MIT professor, points out, acting too digitally young is also problematic. “But just as 50-year-olds shouldn’t really try to dress like 20-year-olds (although they do), should we all try to text like 20-year-olds[?]’’ she wrote in an e-mail to the Globe. “In our culture, we all wear blue jeans. It has become universal. But ripped jeans at fifty? Perhaps one needs to leave certain styles to the young.’’
Maybe I am too young digitally, is a 50-year old on Twitter the equivalent of a 50-year old wearing ripped jeans? Damn it. I like ripped jeans. So everyone approaches milestones in different ways and with different goals (or, in my case, no goals) and I have a number of friends who are already 50 and plenty who are coming up on it FAST (you know who you are) so I am lucky in that I am surrounded by kind, and similarly aging friends. I do think it is most telling how the media portrays people over 50 – something I am suddenly attuned to – AARP did already send me a card – seriously. I ripped it up. My husband turned 50 already. Sigh, yes it is true, I married a much older man (okay, he is five weeks older) and he is running a triathalon for his fiftieth celebration/mid-life crisis – whatever it is. I am pointedly NOT running a tri (as I now know to call them). I have learned some new terminology – ‘bricks’ are bike ride and a run back to back and I know that short (?) tris are called sprints and that I do not have any desire to do this. I think I will bake from my new cookbook from Joanne Chang of Flour Bakery. Yes, that is what I am going to do today, after I walk the dog.

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  1. Yikes, we have to worry about dressing appropriately AND social media-izing appropriately for our age? No mini skirts… ok, I get that. But being digitally appropriate? Sorry, that is just WRONG! You are as young as you feel — both in life and on the digital superhighway!

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