I really had to check to make sure I hadn’t missed it, but it was one year ago that I first posted on Capability : Mom. I know, weird, right? I have a blog birthday. Thank goodness that Pragmatic Mom posted over on Coffee Shop Bloggers about our year in review and I remembered to check the date (please, between snow days and sick days, I wasn’t paying attention) and did not forget this day.

There have been great people (in real and virtual life) who have given tremendous support and encouragement – both family (thank you beautiful and patient ones) and friends (amazingly supportive and encouraging) who may not know that this means the world to me. I have learned more than I knew I didn’t know – I know how to do so much more than I did a year ago that I can’t even begin to tell you.  I now know a bit of HTML and lots of tech-y tips and apps and gadgets and that I am a not-so-secret geek. I love social media and my natural chattiness combined with the geekiness is a perfect fit for it, who knew there was a way to combine the two?

I am getting paid to write, reviewing products and learning more about social media than I thought I could (and I am learning every day). I have met great people like Capability Green (we connected because of the names), a great blogger and very healthy creative chef in Canada who is a warm, supportive, kind person. I found the Whisk Kid who both writes and bakes like a dream (and also takes amazing photos of her baked goods) and who was on Martha Stewart for her rainbow cake (a new family favorite) – and pretty much because of her, Martha Stewart follows me on Twitter! Yes, I am not delusional – well, at least not about that.. I have other flaws but that is not important right now…

I met Karen Day who is a great young adult author and local mom who is truly lovely and great at connecting with kids – she was a guest for Pragmatic Mom‘s book group (No Cream Puffs) and captured the attention of a group of fifth grade girls and truly engaged them sharing her stories and asking them questions. Can’t wait for her new book – A Million Miles From Boston.

Melissa of Design Track Mind (yes, she is that fun in real life) and tech-y husband, Kevin Gulley (who knew what a favicon was and why I was so pleased with mine) of Green Collar Economy are an amazing couple – both generous and warm and super smart.

Writer Roberta Martone Pavia is also beyond generous – she shares advice, resources and her experience with me and is a great friend. Thanks to the Interfaith Family’s Benjamin Maron, and Ruth Abrams who was my first editor there, now has a blog The Versatile Writer. Kosher Dairy Lunch was published on Interfaith Family and soon there will be a piece on Purim….don’t know what that is? Go read about it at Interfaith.

I feel like this is getting all academy award-y…but I really have to give the biggest #SO (that’s Twitter-speak for Shout Out) to Pragmatic Mom. If I hadn’t run into her with her arms piled high with books outside of the Newton Free Library and if she wasn’t so persuasive, energetic, smart and fun, I never would have done this. I would still be thinking about it and reading other people’s blogs.  Pragmatic Mom writes a kick ass blog, is super smart, kind and truly thoughtful and you should go read it now because she is the Education Mom.  She is also singularly honest and if she says something is so, it is. Love love love working with her and sharing our new found knowledge at Coffee Shop Bloggers.

Aside from grabbing my statuette and going to a great after-party – oh, that is next year for the Academy Award winning screenplay about Coffee Shop Bloggers…that, naturally, I will write..I forgot that it is the wee hours of the morning, the caffeine has barely kicked in and the freezing winds of February are howling outside my ice-encrusted home.

Thank you most of all for reading.

Capability Mom in blogging mode

6 comments on “Happy Anniversary to Capability : Mom!”

  1. Ah shucks. Thanks for the kind words. It’s been such a fun ride with you in the car this past year. I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings … blogging conference road trips? more social media consulting? book deal? Who knows, right? I guess that is what makes this so fun.

    The pleasure of blogging with you has been all mine. Who knew that (ahem) moms in middle age could teach themselves not just to blog but the geek tech stuff under the hood! Thank god that you are so good at that ’cause I hate that stuff!

    • I think blog conference road trips are next and social media is so much fun! You know you dragged me into this :-) and I am glad you did! You are being modest – you are good at it – you just like having tech support!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! You’ve grown and age definitely looks good here!
    Yes yes ‘singularly honest’ that’s why I keep coming here!

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