capability mom finds great book cases from tidy bookscapability mom finds great bookcases at tidy booksWhen my children were younger, I was always looking for ways to make our space fun, functional and accessible for them, while keeping it somewhat neat. I always loved the preschool bookshelves that let the covers of the books show, I never went so far as to buy one but I did jury rig similar setups (a re-purposed wooden toy toolbox in the bathroom filled with picture books – it looked sort of like the book caddy to the right but not as big). So I was so excited to find out about a mom who wanted the same thing – the big difference between us is that she was motivated and talented enough to make them herself. Geraldine Grandidier, a violin maker by training, decided that most bookcases didn’t work for those odd sized picture books so she designed her own and founded Tidy Books.

It is a UK company that has now won countless design awards  –  now available in the U.S.  – and they are offering a a 15% discount using this coupon:  USL15 to you, my readers. Yes, you are welcome. I am all about the share.  This coupon can be used for a bookcase, a tidy box or a “bunk bed buddies.”

Here is some more info from the website:

The award winning Tidy Books range of childrenʼs bookcases, book shelves and storage boxes is now available for the first time in the United States from 1 November 2010. Tidy Books bookcases have an innovative design which stacks childrenʼs books facing outward on the shelves, enabling kids to pick their own books to look at, and easily put them away keeping bedrooms and playrooms tidy.

The Tidy Books story began when violin maker and Mom, Géraldine Grandidier, was looking for a bookcase for her young daughter Adele but just couldnʼt buy the bookcase that she had in mind.  “I wanted a practical, compact bookcase that would be easy for her to use independently, and that would show the books’ front covers”

Traditional bookcases (decorated or not) for children simply made no sense to me. Adele’s books, like most children’s books were outsize, differently shaped and hard to keep tidy. As you know, children don’t choose books from the spine but from the cover, and when a child takes a book from a traditional bookcase, the rest collapse.

“The idea of a “Tidy Books” bookcase was compelling, so in my spare time, I began designing a new book storage system in my violin workshop. I created the first “Tidy Books” bookcases for myself and friends, who loved them, and so the Tidy Books business was born.”

Since that first bookcase, Tidy Books has expanded, with more ideas including the Bunk Bed BuddyTM and the Tidy BoxTM, all designed to fulfill a practical need, look good and be a lasting addition to the family home.

Tidy Books is an award-winning success in the UK and around the world. After November 1st, parents in the US can help make books a central part of their childrenʼs lives with ideas for every room helping them choose their books independently and fostering a love of reading.capability mom finds great book cases for kids at tidy books

Sweet, right? These great bookshelves are also available at Right Start and Galt Baby. Nice sites – I really like this bookshelf. You can also re-purpose it to a more grown-up shelf by turning the shelves around and removing the clock and the letters.

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