I am nothing if not thorough, especially about food that I care about. Yes, I will eat a meal so fast I cannot have possibly tasted it, but mark my words, it is not fast food in any other way.  I am a secret foodie snob. While I cannot cook as well as I like to eat, I think that is a matter of focus, quite possibly research and planning and maybe talent (or the lack thereof). I know many very talented home cooks and bakers and although I do not consider myself one of them, every now and then I do focus and good things come out of my kitchen (like Vanilla Bread, Rainbow Cake, Coconut Macaroons). Oh, did I not tell you about the summer that I perfected the coconut macaroon? Well, I did. Ask my family  – “Mom, Are you making those cookies that only you like again?”-  Ask my friends, most of them do like the cookies and were willing to help with taste testing every batch. They are perfect and I will attach the recipe below, if I remembered to write it down, which I sort of didn’t so I will recreate it again. Damn, it’s good thing I am not a scientist on the brink of discovery for the cure for the common cold or something. It’s just a cookie, people, you’ll be fine. Plus it is Girl Scout Cookie time – just got my order in for the usual 8 boxes. No, I don’t have any to spare.

And then I found a recipe for pop tarts. homemade freakin’ pop tarts. The main ingredient in these tasty treats is butter and I have rounded up the best recipes and will – ahem – research them for you.

We will wake up – whenever we want to – school has already been cancelled for tomorrow – and bake pop tarts all morning and report back. If you are up early, here are links to the ones I thought were the best – in case you don’t want to wait for us.

Found them first on The Whisk Kid then I saw them here on another favorite, Smitten Kitchen. Both of these sites never disappoint so feel free to try one of them. I was in research mode so I found this at The Kitchn (from another fave – Joanne Chang of Flour), Because I am so nice, I also kept looking and found new sites Brown Eyed Baker and Chez Pim.

Check them out – they are lovely. I still haven’t decided how many I will try but, in the name of research, I will do my best (and deliver the extra to friends – something tells me that I may have to get these out of the house). Don’t worry, my sister told me the Girl Scout cookies come in on Monday.

The although-I-haven’t-made-them-in-a-while-coconut-macaroon-recipe-I-think-this-is-it. (I may have to make a batch and confirm this recipe). Sorry if not perfection!

4 large egg whites, at room temperature
1 cup granulated white sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
3 1/2 cups sweetened shredded coconut (I mix sweetened and unsweetened in equal amounts but I have seen a recipe that called for cake flour which I also might try – or would if these weren’t so perfect already)

Basically make them as if you were making a meringue cookie – beat the egg whites until fluffy and add sugar, salt and vanilla.  Fold in coconut and bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes. If you have time refrigerate them before baking for an hour, if not, it’s okay. These are pretty forgiving.

Don’t worry – I am also making Turkey Chili tomorrow – We do not subsist solely on baked goods!

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