capability mom bakes homemade poptarts from smitten kitchen on her snow day
Recipe from Smitten Kitchen

snow day baking from capability mom - smitten kitchen's homemade poptartsSmitten Kitchen never disappoints and the first batch of pop tarts that I made wasn’t so very pretty (fault mine, not the recipe) but really tasty (I am eating one right now) and not very difficult to make. So for breakfast we had cinnamon pop tarts and then after cleaning the kitchen, walking the dog and shoveling way too much heavy wet snow, it was time for lunch. Everyone fended for themselves from the overstocked fridge (yes, I over-shopped for the storm) and we were on to the second recipe, this one from The Whisk Kid. My daughter is making this one herself with just a little supervision from me (about 10 feet away on my computer). So far very different doughs – and the whisk kid’s call for frosting – never a bad idea! The Whisk Kid’s dough seems a little more temperamental (we have to keep fridging it – we are maybe handling it too much) but all are in the oven now and we will soon see!

Pop Tart Update:

Whisk Kid recipe : These are delicious! My daughter (a budding chef) decided she didn’t want the cranberry orange filling and made up her own – with (finely diced) apple, brown sugar and cinnamon filling. These were fantastic – light, airy and sweet, and with the leftover dough she made mini apple pies. All in all – so much fun and our house smells wonderfully of cinnamon and sugar.Capability Mom makes homemade pop tarts from smitten kitchen and whisk kid

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  1. Looks like fun, and something I never would have thought to try …homemade pop tarts. I would have said that’s an oxymoron, but I think you’ve proven me wrong.

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