I have been inside a lot lately, sick days, snow days, work form home days and my house needs work – not structural work (relax, honey!) but decor work.  Maybe it has something to do with the weather, and at least it’s not just me. I moved furniture around with a friend yesterday (at her house) because she was dissatisfied with her living room (which is lovely).  She said her mother calls these Winter Thoughts. I love this and I agree wholeheartedly. Being stuck in the house means looking at things much too closely and for too long! That doesn’t mean my house doesn’t need a seasonal lift.  So I wandered around and found this great site: CoCoCozy in my travels. I love the patterns and colors of this collection – so fresh and pretty! Go on – shop with me – it’s fun!

capability mom wants to redecorate at cococozy

4 comments on “In advance of a snowstorm, Cozy Up.”

  1. For me its not decorating, but cooking that snowstorms inspire: soup, bread, cookies. I can’t be the only one, or Whole Foods would not have been sold out of white flour this morning!

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