I admit I have a slight problem not reaThe Office The Ultimatum Darryl's new year's resolution is to have a big reading year and he buys a Kobo ereaderding all of the time and when my children were younger I “modeled” good reading behavior – books everywhere and I read whenever I could – not exactly a hardship for me…grin.

It is a little more challenging to find time to read now, there is more email to check, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin to update, plus writing and all the other usual stuff that fills the day. I have always had a car book on hand (something to read when I am early for picking someone up – not while I am driving, please!) and I find it really easy to throw my Kobo e-reader into by bag and then I can read whatever I want.  I do like to have a few books going at once (even if Goodreads does show that I am still reading the same books – sometimes I forget to list all the books I read – Sorry, Goodreads!).  I do love all media, tech and toys (am still vying for an iPad…Valentine’s Day maybe? Subtle – I am nothing if not subtle) and aside from old movies (my fave), I also have certain favorite (my own must see tv) television shows; The Big Bang Theory, Glee and The Office.

The Kobo e-reader was featured in The Office (The Ultimatum episode) –  How cool, right? Darryl buys a Kobo to help fulfill his New Year’s resolution to read more and hid it from his co-workers because he thought his company may not love it if he had an e-reader but he was sold on it’s lightness (like a croissant) and that it held 10,000 books.

Do you e-read at work? I do, but I work at home and don’t have to hide it.  There is a contest on the Kobo Facebook Page – you could win one of four Kobo ereaders or 10 free ebooks just by liking the page – or tell a story about your office or post a photo in the Photo Contest and see what other people are writing about for a chance to win – free ebooks or an ereader – good deal (mine gets appropriated by other family members all the time – having two would guarantee that I have a chance at one).

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  1. I also feel like I have less time to read because I spend more time online, on FB, etc. But it impacts my TV time even more. I feel like I never turn that thing on because I’m always in front of another screen – computer screen.

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