Student Challenge Favorites | Top 10 Quote Captions for Times Photos – The Times has a great education section called The Learning Network and this is an article from their blog.

“Flight is the only truly new sensation that men have achieved in modern history.”- James Dickey

I love the New York Times and a perfect Sunday would include a fire in the fireplace, the Times and a cup of tea. Maybe this weekend. For now, I am wrapping up some work but promise to share my snowy symphony and social media seminar story with you soon! Alliteration is your friend. I have pretty much stayed out of the Tiger Mother debacle messfest catfight, letting cooler heads prevail but I think Amy Chua was quoted out of context and this was an excerpt from her book, not her life philosophy in 300 words. Here are some responses – I left out the really screaming tirades because I am a well-mannered Modern Mother, most of the time, anyway (no, calling out sort of swear words at other drivers who forgot how to drive in the snow does not count). If you want to peek in on the resulting conversation, I have assembled the following links. You are welcome.

Patricia Wen  – Boston Globe

Time – Q and A with Amy Chua

Pragmatic MomPart 1 and Part 2

Manners for Modern Mothers

Philosophical Fragments

Jezebel – Tiger Mothers Aren’t The Whole Story

and more from The Wall Street Journal  – Gordon Deal

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