Not particularly, and not, as you may think, because I can’t keep one, thank you very much. I don’t believe in them because I think it is an easy way to vaguely opt for healthier behavior(s) and give up on these resolutions just as vaguely and easily. Since most resolutions are broken (gross generalization, I know – write in if your experience is different), it is almost acceptable, if not expected, to break them.  Having said this, I am re-examining my goals for this year which include writing more and getting paid more to do so. Pretty basic, yes? Well, to that end I am restructuring my days and it is not an easy task (goodbye bon-bons and Oprah!). Just kidding!

Really, it is much more challenging to work from home than I realized. Distractions abound, from laundry to repair people to friends calling for lunch dates, sure, getting the kids places is easier but being distracted by children is a constant. Maybe an example will help.

Me: writing something on the desktop in the kitchen, child looking in fridge for a snack “Mom, where is the peanut butter?”

Me, matter-of-factly, “On the door of the fridge.”

Child, plaintively,  “No, it’s not.”

Me. patiently, “Look again, honey.”

Child, surprised,  “Oh. I found it!”

Me, wearily, “sigh” or something like that.

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  1. I never thought about it this way but I agree resolutions are made to be broken. My husband works from home and finds the same frustrations. Its a love hate thing for him.

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