Seriously, I am handy – well, I guess that is a relative statement. In our house, I am handy. My husband is in great shape and much more of a jock, but I am then handy person at home (I like home projects that involve more than putting in a load of laundry), and when I can’t fix something, I do have a (fairly inexpensive)  handyman that I can usually talk into taking on somewhat minor tasks that may exceed my skill set.

I can, and have, put together several items from IKEA (sometimes this takes longer than I would like and certainly longer than if I were truly handy) but I know the difference between an allen wrench and a monkey wrench (big difference); I have reseated kitchen sinks, fixed the dishwasher, caulked and glazed windows and hung up peg board to organize the garage. Okay, so I don’t have a skill saw (but I know what one is) but I can do most minor repairs, and if I paid more attention when I was a kid to the projects that my father was always doing around the house, I could probably fix a fan belt, too, but I didn’t, just enough to know how to re-wire a lamp (thanks, Dad!) which is okay, too.

Why am I telling you this? Because as part of the exciting life of a blogger, I received Husky Tools to review on my blog. I could choose to either keep the tools or give them away on my blog which I thought about but then I needed them for the latest IKEA purchase so you will just have to hear about them. Maybe I will give away the next set of tools I receive, if  I don’t like them too much…grin.

So I received these capability mom reviews husky tools sold at home depot– I know, sweet, right? In case you are wondering, it is a Husky 20 Piece T-Handle Driver Set. Oh, yeah. Good timing, too because I was putting together a particularly challenging part of an IKEA desk and ran into a problem with the chintzy baby allen wrench that they supplied and this set came in handy (pun? what pun? I despise puns).  I really like the one with handle and interchangeable bits the best, but the grip on all of the screwdrivers is nice and makes it so much easier to hold.

So these are all firmly ensconced on our work bench (we do have a workbench) and waiting for the next project which I think might be hanging up a bulletin board or white board  in the office.

*This post was written on behalf of Husky Tools by Capability : Mom.  No compensation was received for this post. I received a 20 piece T-Handle driver set for review purposes from Husky Tools.

8 comments on “Tools for the New Year, Husky Tools, that is”

  1. When I was a teenager, I had an internship at a community theater in Michigan. I began the season selling tickets at the window. But then– the set designer quit, and it was all hands on deck.

    Because of that happy accident, I’m much “handier” than I’d otherwise be. I was forced to use the table saw, the power sander, tall ladders… you get the idea. No time for fear. It was only two months, but such a blessing.

  2. Stopping by from the blog hop. I wish I was a ‘handy woman’! I love IKEA, but I can’t put any of their stuff together to save my life! I hope you have a great week!

  3. that actually does look pretty awesome! I wonder if I can find some of those here.

    (and too bad we can’t just do the fun fixing projects and NOT the putting clothes in the washer & dryer projects)

    (visiting from FTLOB Comment Love Hop)

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