| Jewcy Top 10 Fiction Books Of 2010 by.

Go check out this great book list while I take down the Christmas tree – it is early, I know but we are experiencing allergies and it may be the mold off-gassing tree.

I love this list – I have Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart on my to-read list but now I have more – joy!

Although it is not on this list – it is certainly on mine – just read and could not put down Steve Martin’s An Object of Beauty. I got it for Christmas and finished it this morning. Loved it – WTF for poor mannered tweeting during Mr Martin’s  92nd St Y visit? I would love to hear him speak. Twidiots.

Would also love it if I could get these for my Kobo e-reader which I left at my parent’s house on Christmas Day. I need it back!

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