Get your craft aprons out, this is fun! I do love Mod Podge and the only reason there isn’t more of it in my house is because I tend to go on sprees…yes, Mod Podge sprees…be very afraid!  One weekend my oldest and I reclaimed a table capability mom goes all mod podge with this table( I then proceeded to Mod Podge the inside of an old medicine cabinet). No, I am not suggesting you do a table for a gift. Just showing that you can.  We made this by cutting up a calendar with gorgeous prints that I picked up in the Anthropologie sale bin last year  This year’s version shown here from Paper Source (love this store, too!). Don’t be silly, I spent under $10 not $30.

capability mom roskd mod podge
Mod Podge Rocks

Gather any paper you that like – wrapping or old books or cards. Tip: I like to put them in a folder in the basement so my very tidy spouse doesn’t mistakenly throw them away.  So on to the craft! Here is a site I have mentioned before, Mod Podge Rocks. It has tons of great projects and this is one is particularly easy and fun!

Just using an old Altoids tin or small box you can make a gift card holder – make the gift cards, too! Plain cards and stickers are sweet. The finished project shown is from Mod Podge Rocks. Here are the raw materials capability mom uses mod podge to make holiday fiftsthat I pulled out of the craft drawer (oh-so-different than the present drawer!). You can also put a handle on the tin and style it as an adorable mini-purse.

If you aren’t excited about this project, here is an easy Mod Podge Pencil Holder from Family Eduction –  you can fill it with baked goods, Lindt truffles, candy canes or candy kisses for a teacher or hostess gift. All you really need is an empty can, Mod Podge and some paper.

I personally like to see tree shaped styrofoam either painted or Mod Podged or plain with Hershey candy kisses all over, probably because my mom has them every year. makes it a counting activity for little ones and uses a glue gun to make their tree. Wow, was that what my mother was doing, too? No, I am pretty sure we just randomly stuck most of the kisses on the tree (which is all good, too). Speaking of education moms – head on over to Pragmatic Mom – her craft is adorable and super easy and not messy at all –  Clove Fruit.

capability mom finds a counting activity project from

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    • The kids like them as little catch-all things or just room decoration – it is a nice personal gift any time- you could even use it as a gift box for a pair of earrings or bracelet – or silly bands!

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