Nope, (I rarely run out of stuff to talk about – really)  just a case of over-booking – something my husband finds prevalent on my side of the family – as in “Let’s run a road race, have a clambake and maybe build a deck…in the same day!”  Okay, I exaggerate but once we did have a clambake, run a road race and have a 70th birthday party in one weekend (not in that order) with all of my siblings and our spouses and children (all under 10 years of age) and my parents. So we are that kind of family. Oh, did I mention I have three sisters and a brother and that the 70th birthday party included about 30 other people? On the beach? Yeah.

How did I marry someone who doesn’t do this? Maybe self-preservation kicked in. Maybe hearing, “Honey, baking 200 cookies and running the bake sale while planning for a big family event and starting to work is maybe a little too much?” helps me realize what is actually on my plate. I am also really bad at timing meals – the salad gets made whenever it occurs to me (usually  in the middle of the process of cooking something complicated)  – just a fair warning of more of my –  admitted to, anyway  – short-comings.

So, it is true, when I agree to do too much – well, it doesn’t always go well. I get run down, cranky and maybe not so much fun. Quite possibly I get sick, too and then I am no use to anyone. I am thinking about how to minimize this self-imposed stress but haven’t exactly worked out how yet. Let me know how you say no to opportunities when they sound  good or make you feel guilty for not saying yes. Do you have a pat one-liner? Years of practice or do you say yes too much?

I like to think that I am an optimist – that does not mean I do not complain – and that it will all work out in the end.  So I have over-booked. It is true. I am getting ready for Thanksgiving (not hosting, phew), writing an article, writing up meeting notes, planning some marketing with a friend for other venues, joining a networking group and taking on some part-time work. Oh, and there is more – meeting about a volunteer position at the library (I love the library) that will take up even more time, scheduling parent-teacher conferences, attending parent-teacher conferences, and the usual day-to-day mom stuff. Yup. I am officially in the weeds. Maybe I will bake a pie today, too.

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  1. Wow, just reading that made me tired. Actually, it is nice to hear that someone else over-commitments too. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! (Glad to hear that you are not having to host!)

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