I am busy writing and one is an article about…well, donuts. So I might have to go to some research (yeah, donut research – that’s  what I am talking about) and I have just cleaned up my inbox, so I have that going for me, plus I adopted an obscure word today.  You can, too – it is free – you don’t owe it anything other than to promise to use it in conversation or writing – it is fun! Just choose a word at  Save The WordsSAve The Words.org.  The window scrolls over words (image from URLesque) and you see the definition and they talk, yes the words say “Pick Me!” or “Over Here!”.  I think I adopted three words this morning and one of them means half-baked but I lost the page and forget the word…oops.

From the NPR website: The website savethewords.org offers the chance to bring arcane words back to life. Web surfers can “adopt” a word like “historiaster,” which means “contemptible historian,” or obarmate, which means “to arm against.” By adopting the word, people pledge to use it in everyday speech and writing. The site has attracted media attention from around the world. Upon investigation, it turns out to be the project of an advertising agency. The office of Young and Rubicam in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, was hired to promote the print version of the Oxford English Dictionary. Robert Siegel tells us about it, and we hear from Y&R creative director Edward Ong, who helped create the site, and has been astounded at its worldwide appeal. A dear word-worthy friend sent it to me – it was on  NPR’s All Things Considered with Robert Siegel which I somehow missed – You can hear the story by clicking here.

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