kidoinfo conversations logo capability momThat is where I want to be and that is where I was supposed to be tonight but I have been slammed with some health issues. Please, thank you for your kind inquiry, nothing serious and I will be fine but I am not fit for company and for sparing you, you should be glad.

I was looking forward to a visit to Providence where (as the plan went) I would meet my sister, attend the Kidoinfo Conversations on Traditions and write about my impressions of the event for KidoInfo.  Okay, or not. I am very disappointed to miss this and to miss meeting the founder of the site, Kidoinfo, Anisa Raoof.  We spoke one day while we were both multi-tasking (I was returning a candy corn Halloween costume) and she is charming, well-spoken and a wonderful communicator. She is also, I understand, a modest and talented artist.

From KidInfo: is a new hip guide for parents and kids, designed and run by Anisa. We are based in Providence, Rhode Island, and reaching out to the world. This independent weblog is brimming with information, creative ideas, things to do, places to go and links to family resources. Visit regularly – to see what’s new in books, music, food, schools and more. Search the calendar for ongoing and special events and read the A-List to find the best cookie, pizza, playground, etc.

Anisa lives in Providence with her husband and 9-year-old twin boys. She works on finding ways to make parenting easier, still fun and even a little cool. Being a parent means not staying put and being open to new adventures. Anisa created Kidoinfo in early 2007 to be the central source for everything about kids in the Providence area. But Kidoinfo also goes beyond the city borders – wherever our kids will travel. This essential online guide is for parents, caregivers, and families living in the area or just visiting.

While I have never been cool, my sister is and let me know about this site. I got brave and contacted Anisa who could not be lovilier. Check out her site – did I mention it once or twice? – Kidoinfo is a great resource for parents.  Check out their  Fall Guide, Conversations Series (scheduled events designed to connect parents) and events calendar and deals.

The Series tonight is entitled Traditions and I was looking forward to hearing from her well-chosen panel -below, also from the website:

At Kidoinfo we like to share; connecting parents with information, new ideas and their local community. This November we will talk about Traditions and what this means to families.

Traditions connect your children with your personal and cultural history and form the memories they will later pass on to their friends and families. Stemming from religion, birthplace, seasons, or revolving around a treasured activity or possession, families today decide how to carry on, blend or create new traditions. This event gives panelists and attendees a forum to describe their traditions and learn something new to share with their loved ones in the upcoming holiday season.

Plan to join the conversation with moderator Wendy Lawton.
Our panel: Beth Curtin, Artist, Sarika Parikh, Teacher at the Gordon School, and Teny Gross, Director of the Institute for the Study & Practice of Nonviolence

There is still time to sign up for the Winter Conversations Series which looks wonderful.

WINTER (February): Parenting Simply
Parents are busy juggling work, home and child-care and today’s children seem to be scheduled from birth. What do parents and kids really need? Can parenting be simplified to create a satisfying lifestyle for you and your kids? Panelists will share online tools and offline tips to foster balance and peace of mind.

SPRING (May): Community Minded Kids
How can we instill volunteerism and community activism in the next generation? A panel discussion with projects, online resources, and examples of how families can create meaningful connections to their communities and impact real change in the world

Click here to go to Eventbrite to pre-register. There is a raffle, appetizers from Whole Foods and beverages from natural soda company Snow Beverages and you get a Traditions Resource Guide.

Do it for me since I can’t go. Have fun and report back!

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