I am in a green kind of mood. Maybe because I read this article from the Wall Street Journal and found it…well, you read it and see how you feel. So then I went to Boston.com and Treehugger for a little balance. Do you ever get sucked into the wormhole that is the Internet? Um…me, neither.

So while I was calling the paper (late delivery – bad Boston Globe) and the sprinkler guy (shut off time) and making plans to look at an exercise bike from Freecycle and checking email and not walking the dog or making the beds – I was ostensibly looking at website design services and found this site and I really like this site, too but then I found this (because I was reading this blog, Book Addiction, and found this other blog which is really, really funny, Pretty All True (we have the same WordPress theme but I am coveting her make-over of the theme which is what started the whole web design services distraction in the first place) and I may just teach myself to do it (I am quite cheap about some things) or maybe I should switch to decaf.

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