Why am I Capability : Mom? Because sometimes I am so capable…like today. What happened today? Well, I combined a puppy playdate and business meeting with Pragmatic Mom – we talked about Coffee Shop Bloggers and other social media stuff while our dogs gamboled in the grass. Nice, really. Then, I washed the dog – okay, mostly my helpers did but I drove over-heating (it is the a/c – not engine) Mommy Car to the place where we wash her (BYOD), then I finished an article for InterfaithFamily.com and fixed the dishwasher. Fixed the dishwasher? Surely you mean you hired someone? Phoned a friend? Nope, I fixed it. I was frustrated that it was Sunday and I couldn’t get anyone to fix it (even if I could it would be billed at time and a half) and darling spouse was away in New York with friends. So I found a great site – Fixitnow.com and followed the instructions on how to fix a dishwasher and while that didn’t exactly work it told me that the problem was the floater something – so I rinsed out the screen in the bottom of the machine and threw a cup of water into it. I turned it on and it worked. Okay, no, I didn’t take apart the machine or the water connections but nor did I pay someone $100 to rinse out a screen. Maybe not a professional job, but I think it counts for something. Oh, and I made a nice dinner, too.

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  1. Isn’t so weird that my Bosch dishwasher is also broken and I suspect with the same issue. Thanks for the link to fix it site. I gave to my husband who scrutinized. He fixed the problem 3 times but it keeps reoccurring. We can’t find a Bosch repair person who actually know how to fix Bosch dishwashers. Strange and frustrating as we are handwashing mountains of dishes which is not my favorite thing to do in the world

    Pragmatic Mom

    ps thanks so much for the puppy playdates! Wally loves your dog!

    • Tell husband to throw some water in the bottom of the dishwasher and call Clarke Appliances – that is what I will do when this fix doesn’t work. Gracie loves Wally, too.

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