This week I went to the beach (with a friend, magazines and no children – so relaxing this way), went to Brimfield  (with two friends, no magazines and no children) and test drove a Honda Pilot (no friends, bad magazines from the service waiting area, no children – pretty much just me trapped in a hellish car dealership). In between all that fit in a farmer’s market visit, a farm share visit (I am so farm-y) a few walks and a potluck dinner and a canasta club meeting (no canasta, just great conversation and some ice cream), worked on social media stuff through Coffee Shop Bloggers  and, of course, that parenting thing I do which included numerous breakfast preps, packed lunches, camp carpools and a sleepover.  Wow, Capability Mom, and you had time to blog, too? I did and made one or two really nice dinners (and some phone-it-in ones, too). There may have been more than a few ice creams in there, too. Hey, it is summer,  90 plus degrees and I needed to cool my core temperature or something. 

I missed things, too, like a night out with good friends (former co-workers), a lunch and a few workouts. Doesn’t it seem like all your social engagements are in one week and then you have nothing? Maybe it’s just me. I also did have two client meetings …I am almost comfortable saying I have these meetings. While I am not working full-time, I am dipping my toes in the work world. So far, so good.

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