Newton, MANewton ranked number 3 in top ten places to live in U.S. by CNN/ – very exciting and accurate. The home prices are high but the schools and library are wonderful and the sense of community is very strong.

Here is the link and an excerpt from the article –

3. Newton, MA

Population: 82,000

Unemployment: 6.0%

Pluses: Great schools, low crime, strong economy

Minuses: Pricey homes, bad traffic

Less than 45 minutes from downtown Boston via train, subway, or express bus, Newton is divided into 13 “villages” loaded with classic New England charm. Most have pedestrian-friendly shopping districts, parks, and playgrounds.

The town weathered the economic downturn fairly well, thanks to such stable local employers as Boston College and Newton-Wellesley Hospital. And Greater Boston, of course, offers a wealth of health care, education, and government jobs.

Residents rave about the top-ranked schools, and parents are excited for the new high school opening this fall. “It’s absolutely beautiful,” says Claudia Wu, 51, an attorney with three school-age kids who has lived in Newton for 20 years. It should be: The school cost $197 million, an amount that sparked plenty of local outrage.

After all, living in this community is expensive enough: a three-bedroom house runs nearly $600,000. If it weren’t for those hefty price tags, this town would be pretty close to perfect.

Ever wonder how they pick the places? Here is a link:

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