close conceptsMompreneurs…Mommy bloggers… Are women defined by our status as parents while men never are? Is there a ever a Dadpreneur? No, but should we care? Are we fine with it because we don’t mind the extra qualifier?

Let me know what you think. Are you either, neither or both? Hate the terminology or love it? Weigh in here. Pragmatic Mom, you are a self-described Mompreneur – let’s hear from you, too.

Anyway, I have more than a few working friends (and three working sisters) who are flat out amazing.  Here are a few that I want to share with you.

A friend and mompreneur, Judy Close,  (no, I haven’t asked her if she is okay with the term) who is described by a former colleague as “a brilliant industrial designer” (they worked together at Reebok) has a business putting together everything you could possibly need for any party and here is her site  Close Concepts.  close concepts

The company’s tag line is Creative solutions to specific party needs and here are just some of the things she has done – invitations, table numbers, desserts…yum. I think I would be hanging around that cookie table for a bit.  Really cool invitations, party favors, centerpieces and more.  Judy is amazingly creative and so easy to work with – you immediately feel comfortable with her and she asks all the right questions (in case you don’t exactly know what you want…like me).

close concepts
close concepts

She will think of things A) that you will not and B) so you don’t have to.  As a family we have gone to our share of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Confirmation and Coming of Age parties in the past two years and it is truly lovely to see the personality of the person or family in the details of the event.

Another friend (and new-ish mom) Shannon McGill works for Stella and Dot. It is a wonderful company that sells really sweet jewelry at house parties. The prices are reasonable and the stuff is super cute – bold necklaces or charming charms and a bead and pin combination (that I loved in all colors) and the setting is more cocktail party than anything – no hard sell here …they are fun to go to and from what I hear fun to host, too. Come on, your friends will tell you if something is right for you, so no worries there and if you host you get free stuff. Sign me up!

stella and dot shannon mcgillI found it hard to choose, there were so many things I liked…hmm…I do have a birthday coming up…

I have some other friends who are artists who work in glass or jewelry and I will feature them soon (I need more pictures of their wonderful stuff).

stell and dot shannon mcgill

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  1. A classmate from business school just polled our class on this very topic. I personally perceive the term to be positive: a mom entrepreneur who wants to keep mom hours to take care of the kids plus run her own business but she said there was also a negative slant that made her shy away from using it for her marketing.

    Everything is so PC these days!!

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  2. I like the word “Mompreneurs.” It doesn’t bother me a bit! I think it’s totally clear and needs no explanation, at least when you see it in writing. Hearing it spoken out loud could be a different story, now that I think about it!

  3. It’s an interesting question. I come from a big business background, ran my own marketing company and was in the top 5% of women income earners in Australia at one stage. I’m not a true Mum, though I have a kangaroo who I consider my daughter. I’m also new to blogging but from what I can see there are a dedicated group of Moms out there providing useful services to many people. I worked with people, primarily men, who would probably be dismissive of “mompreneurs”, but does that matter? Are you achieving what you want to achieve? If you are, just smile back at the dismissers and keep at it.

  4. Cheryl- love your last line.

    My blog is actually a spin off of my business blog that I write. I was having so many mompreneur moments that a colleague (a guy actually) kept suggesting I write a sep one, and then he became one of my first followers.

    I do not see it as a negative. Most of my followers (all whopping 29) are women but I think that is more a function of sites I post on like BloggyMoms or BlogFrog. I have males readers, but I only knew since they’ve messaged me. What they have commented on is that they found the moments weren’t just “mom” related. As dads they were frustrating by 20 reminders to brush teeth, or fretting over a kid’s snow day for the havoc it wreaked.

    It all reminds me of the great Dr. Seuss quote: Be who you are and say what you feel, because those that mind do not matter and those that matter do not mind.

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