Before you say, “Hey, Capability Mom is all over the place this week.” I know I am. Sometimes I like to write and….sometimes I think cut and paste is the way to go.  While I do like to write and, this is not inversely proportional, to talk, sometimes I have brain shut down. I find (although I don’t always catch it in time) that it is best to shut up when that happens (okay, I never catch this in time).

So before I say or write anything that I will regret – I might mention I have seen this happen in a blog that I like and still read but now with a more jaundiced eye – the writer was freaking out and complaining about her server being down …blah blah blah – blog content missing…and then in a really offhand and coldish way mentioned that the guy who handled the server had committed suicide and then she continued to complain.  I was actually breathless with indignation and my fingers hovered over the keys to send a nasty retort but I couldn’t do it.  When I went to the site later – the post was gone, leaving me feeling as if I imagined it.  I know I didn’t and that someone else read it and told her she ought to take it down.  I still read the blog but not as often.

Anyway, here is a site that I really like and if you think I am a celebrity follower, I am not. I just think some people have a great deal to share and that this is a well-written and great site.

Goop is Gwenyth Paltrow’s blog and before you denounce it as a celebrity blog, check it out. Categories are Make, Go, Get, Be, Do, See and the recommendations are lovely, not overly spendy (well, some of the shopping, maybe) but restaurants, activities, exercise tips, healthy recipes and acts of kindness to yourself and others. Great lunchbox tips – I can always use those – here

goop do lunch box

My sister (from the West) will periodically send me the link and I recently subscribed to the newsletter. Yesterday we both read it at the same time and loved it and it happens to be timely for us. This post features a
book by Marcy Silverman Do Good:201 Ways to Lend a Hand. Lovely.

Peace out.

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  1. I really like this site too. I’m not a celebrity follower either but this site is streamlined and because of Gwenyth’s celebrity connections, there are some really great recipes (I’ve tried several) and tips. I’ve downloaded the dance songs from top DJs, made recipes from top chefs/restaurants, and am currently getting in shape from with Tracy Anderson who helped Gwenyth for Iron Man 2. I also like the international component for hotels/shopping and perspective from a mom with children at similar ages.

  2. not yet a true follower of blogs but thanks for introducing me to “goop”. Wow,What a crisp, funky and creative blog. Do you think she actually sits there and does this herself or outsources everything and is the editor??? I need a lesson. This is how you can make money – start marketing yourself as a blog expert and train us all!

    By the way, instead of buying “O” and Martha Stewart”s mag, I now read your blog. Same info with a different spin.

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