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There are quite a few strong opinions about the term Mommy blogger.  I don’t particularly mind it but I do get why people take offense at this label.  Are there Daddy bloggers?  Yes, but if a man blogs about, oh, I don’t know, social media, is a he a daddy blogger or just if he writes about parenting is that his handle?  Google “Mommy Blogger” and you get 3,470,000 results.  There are clubs, discussion boards, great information and writing, like this from PhD in Parenting,  Typology of the Mommy Blogger gives a great breakdown of types of Mommy Bloggers and links to them as well. 

Yesterday I found great responses to the New York Times article on Mommy Bloggers. I list just a few here but there are so many more – please excuse inconsistency in showing links/articles.  I am a newbie and it shows but my enthusiasm for the writing should make up for it – yes?

From Mom101: http://www.mom-101.com/2010/03/honey-dont-bother-mommy-im-writing.html

From The Heir to Blair:


from Upper Case Woman:

Excuse Me New York Times, Don’t Bother Me. Because You’re Absolutely Fucking Right, I’m Building My Brand..

and another great site: The Secret is in the Sauce


Enjoy reading these posts and let me know what you think.

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  1. Interesting. I can understand why women get pissy about being labeled a “mommy blogger,” and I’m a bit surprised that my feminist self isn’t up in arms about it. But … motherhood has surprised me in that way. I love my independent self, I love my career, etc, etc, etc … but it has all willingly taken a back seat to what I now consider the greatest privilege of my life, and that’s being N’s mother. Maybe it’s because I waited until I was in my 30s to have a child? I dunno … But I’m ok with the label. (That said, I haven’t had time to read the NYT article. Perhaps I would be railing and ranting if I had. ALSO, Blair gets around! Imagine my surprise to see a well loved Bumpie referenced in your post. Hi Blair!)

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